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According to the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, discrimination against people with disabilities in employment is “persistent, pernicious and prevalent in Ireland’s workplaces and recruitment practices, and needs to be seriously and collaboratively tackled by all those with a stake in our labour market.”

The most recent CSO figures also show that individuals with disabilities are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than people without a disability.

The stark reality these facts present is hard to ignore and highlights a need for reform in a number of areas.

Triest Press are dedicated to tackling these issues and are continuously working towards a more inclusive working landscape for everyone. We are a social enterprise based in Roscommon town, providing meaningful employment to people with an intellectual disability.

The company was originally formed in 1987 by members of The Brothers of Charity Service following an expressed desire from their service users to access local employment opportunities.

Over the years, Triest Press has evolved into an award-winning print and graphic design service in its own right. Recognised as a friendly, print house that specialises in traditional hand finishing and offering a bespoke service to rival any of our industry competitors. It was important for us to be validated for our professionalism and success because our whole team are skilled, experienced, creative, and efficient and those traits are recognisable in the level of quality in our work. Although a large number of our customers choose us because of our ethics and mission, there many that do not know of our social impact but choose to return because of a valued customer experience.

However, it is our social impact we are most proud of. Since the inception of Triest Press, it has been a mission of ours to spread the word amongst mainstream employers that by providing employment to someone with a disability, they are touching the lives of many more people by domino effect. But also, it is actually good business practice! There are so many benefits to companies when recruiters widen their net in terms of the “right fit” for the role. People often surprise themselves by how far their capabilities lie when given the right supports, opportunities, and freedom to learn.

We also love to support other companies that share our ethos and are helping to make Ireland a more inclusive working environment for all. What better time than World Autism Awareness Month to spread the good word on Specialisterne Ireland!

They are a not-for-profit recruitment consultancy that recruits and supports talented people on the Autism spectrum and those with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, and similar challenges. They help employers recruit and retain skilled people and have been successful in growing diverse, effective teams across Ireland. As part of the Specialist People Foundation, they have contributed to a global aim of ONE MILLION JOBS for people on the Autism Spectrum.

We are big fans of Specialisterne Ireland here at Triest Press and we will continue to champion the fantastic work they do!

It is clear to us in our daily activities that the addition of people with disabilities in the workplace can have such a positive impact on the workforce as a whole and with public perception of our company.

Below are some of the benefits we have identified by working alongside people with disabilities:

  • Creativity: A diverse workplace allows for more ideas and processes. Varied experiences and perspectives lend themselves to fantastic scope in the ideation and creativity processes. Working together with people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and abilities whilst giving each employee the freedom to express themselves has given Triest Press an abundance of wonderful creative ideas that have brought us many successes over the years.

  • Improved Awareness, morale, and sense of job satisfaction: A diverse range of differences, cultures and abilities has allowed us to navigate different nuances that occur all the time throughout the global marketplace. Increased awareness of these matters allows for education and a better understanding of issues faced by marginalised people. Results from our employee satisfaction surveys have shown a shared sense of contentment within their roles across our workforce and we maintain a light and fun atmosphere to allow employees to feel comfortable when failing forward. We feel our diverse workforce not only mirrors our clients as they are as diverse as our employees, but it also mirrors society itself.

  • A Positive Business Reputation: Ethical consumerism is at an all-time high. People want to know that businesses they give their money to are not contributing to discrimination, unsustainable practises, and animal cruelty. Companies seen to be open to hiring individuals that are marginalised are also seen to be progressive, inclusive, and have a social conscience.

For our supported employees, having a job and being able to progress within their roles has had many significant and positive effects. Having a sense of purpose is a driving force in many of us when we think about our career choices. Some of our staff members have never had meaningful employment before and it is a magical experience to see someone blossom when the right supports, understanding and opportunities are presented.

There has been lots of success stories within Triest Press but one stands out for us. Our longest serving staff member Ann Bernadette crushed everyone’s expectations from the get-go when she joined Triest Press. Ann experienced a tough life growing up in Ireland in the 60s at a time when there were hardly any supports available to people with a disability. She came through institutions and was moved around a lot but eventually found solace in the Brothers of Charity services Roscommon in the early 90s. It was then that Ann joined the team at Triest Press and where she found her purpose. She won everyone over with her work ethic, charisma, and never-ending energy supply. A force to be reckoned with. A real woman about town, Ann was known to everyone and was a friend to all. She was so proud of her job at Triest Press and loved having the independence that earning her own money brought her. She became a mentor to other staff members and was always keen to welcome and show new people the ropes.

Ann sadly passed away earlier this year, but her spirit lives on in everything we do in Triest Press and we will continue to honour her memory by breaking boundaries, challenging public perceptions, and supporting individuals with ID in attaining their work goals.

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