Photos are meant to be printed!

There are millions of photos taken each day, but not too many of them get to receive anything more than just one glance on the screen. Digital photos may be more practical, but they are still just a shadow of the ‘real photos’. Don’t you remember a time when you could actually hold photos in your hands?

It might sound trivial, but it seems like a printed photo is more alive than a digital one. Digital photos tend to get lost in the vast universe of your phone memory. We easily lose track of them from constant scrolling, and they become just an insignificant part of the endless galleries of photos we have.

A printed photo becomes physical. It can become a part of our life, a memory that stares at us from our nightstand, a reminder of a person we love, a valuable asset in the space where we choose to spend our time.

A printed photo is a real photo. It brings out emotions in us much more than a digital photo. It can be an inspiration when feeling hopeless, a motivation for those times when you feel down, comfort at the end of a rough day, or simply a gentle reminder of what (and who) is the most important in your life.

Just like with most things nowadays, we have too many photos, and we do not value them enough. They are almost like fast-moving consumer goods. We take a photo – click, check it out, and then leave it there. We might post it on social media, but that’s about it. The noise of too many digital photos clouds our judgement to recognise those that are truly treasured.

Of course, not ALL photos are meant to be printed. However, those that truly stand out and bring out the best in you deserve to be printed and to be there for you.

Don’t forget that no system or software is guaranteed to be completely safe. They all come with a risk of crashing. Also, digital storage is not without its flaws. When using digital services for storing your photos, we take on the risk of losing all our dearest memories since an error can occur in any moment, be it a platform crash, closing of the business, or making their users pay for the premium features with prices beyond what you can afford.

Once digital photos are lost, there’s little to no chance to reclaim them, and that is a devastating thought. Digital photos always hold the risk of being lost forever, even if you think you did everything it takes to keep them safe. Digital photos are also slightly degraded every time they are opened, edited, and saved again.

As a print however, photos become our ever-present memories that we gladly go back to and share with our friends and families, whereas digital photos are scrolled past and easily forgotten. Just like there is something magical about the smell of a book, there is something magical about the touch of printed photos, as well. It might be due to their bodily existence that they genuinely become a part of our lives. They don’t vanish, unless we destroy them ourselves. They are always there, and they keep reminding us of some of our favourite moments.

Printing gives life to your photos, and it gives life to the moments that were captured by them.

Make sure to hand the printing work over to someone trustworthy, too.  Speaking of that, we’ve got some great news for you – we are soon launching our new app to make it all a whole lot easier, along with some splendid features, so stay tuned!


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